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A.M. jewelry was founded in Los Angeles by Ailing Yin and Marissa Liu in 2018. It is the result of a passion for jewelry and a desire to promote positive change in the fashion industry.

Ailing Yin and Marissa Liu tell stories with their jewelry. Their work distill cultures, and environments into a singular aesthetic: A unique style balanced with elements of art and design. Each piece is distinctive, it should be worn and defined fluidly by the wearer. It's creations are jewels of unexpected uniqueness which do not feel the limits of time and place.

An exercise in sustainability, the materials used to create A.M. Jewelry inform the aesthetic as much as the narrative behind it. 


                                                                                 THE DESIGNERS


Hailing from a background in jewelry design at Academy of Art University, Ailing Yin and Marissa Liu learned the most refined traditional goldsmith techniques. They developed an eclectic and multiform vision, able to instinctively combine the knowledge of the classics, and the experiences of the contemporary.

Their deep interest in the world of fashion and visual arts has allowed them to fine tune a particularly sensitive intuition on the evolution of style, which leads them to translating trends into surprising creations.


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TEL: +1 415-613 7559